Bayar Mustafa

Dr. Bayar is an assistant professor at the Department of Politics and Public Policy of the American University of Kurdistan in Duhok. He has 13 years of expertise in supervising and teaching undergraduate and Master degree students in several educational institutions in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq such as the universities of Dohuk, Zakho and Salahaddin. His research interests cover the relations and regional politics of the KRG before and after 2003. Dr. Bayar has been an advisor at the International Middle-East Peace Research Center (IMPR) since 2012 and he is also a member of the Ismael Besekci’s Foundation. In addition, from 2010 and until 2012, he worked at the ‘Turkey Desk’ of the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs as second secretary.

He obtained his PhD from Mosul University with a dissertation on ‘The Kurdish Question in America’s Foreign Policy towards Turkey between 1991 and 1999’. Prior to this, he had received his MA focusing on British policy towards Turkey and its effect in Kurdistan from the University of Duhok. In 2015 he completed a Post-Doctoral research titled ‘From a Dream to a Possibility: The Opportunities of Independent Kurdistan after the Arab Spring’ at the Istanbul Bilgi University.

Dr. Bayar has also conducted number of field research with number of international Foundations and universities. Some of his publications are: ‘British Policy Towards Turkey and its Impact in Kurdistan‘ (2004), ‘Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan: Two Hesitant Neighbors’ (2008) and ‘The Justice and Development Party in Turkey and the Kurdish Issue‘ (2013).