Dilshad H. Khdhir

Dr. Dilshad H. Khdhir is currently head of the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy at Ishik University, in Erbil (Kurdistan Region of Iraq). He obtained his PhD on Politics and International Relations from the University of Nottingham in 2015 with a dissertation titled ‘Dynamics of Kurdish identity formation in the Kurdistan region-Iraq between 1991 and 2014’.

He lectures a range of subjects including International Relations, Civil Society in the Middle East and Social Structure in the KRI. His research interests are Kurdish nationalism and politics, studies in the humanitarian field in Iraq and the US foreign policy in the Middle East.

Some of his publications are: ‘The Consequences of Kurds displacement in Iraq’(2005), ‘The view of Kirkuk Arab Expatriates’ (2006), ‘Terrorism in Kurdistan Region’  (2006), ‘The situation of Value in Iraq under the theory of Englhard’ (2011) and ‘The Reality of Civil Society in Kurdistan Region’ (2017).

Some of his publications are: ‘Beyond Territorial Spaces: Kurdish Nationalism in a Globalized World’ (2009) and ‘Humanitarian Work in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Historical Development and New Challenges’ (2017).